Deborah Kaplan Polivy, Ph.D.

Consultant in Fund Development and Board Management

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You gave a terrific presentation and I am so glad that I was able to attend it. I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar; you were so engaging that I lost all track of time. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator and your presentation was – in my eyes - the highlight of the conference.

— Judith Schwed-Lion,Vice President for International Development, Amit

Ensuring financial sustainability is more important than ever before

posted on June 18th, 2021

The Time for Endowment Building Is Now: Why and How to Secure Your Organization’s Future by Deborah Kaplan Polivy was recently reviewed by Stephen G. Donshik.

Dr. Deborah Kaplan Polivy has written a very important book that should be read by anyone involved in financial resource development in nonprofit organizations…

You can read the full review here.

Stephen G. Donshik, D.S.W. is a retired member of the faculty of Hebrew University’s School of Social Work’s program in Management of Non-Profit Organizations.

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