Deborah Kaplan Polivy, Ph.D.

Consultant in Fund Development and Board Management

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I help not for profit organizations access resources to further their missions. I concentrate on obtaining support from individuals for annual or capital campaigns as well as endowment. Each of my strategic plans is unique and created for the particular organization.

—Deborah Kaplan Polivy, Ph.D.

Deborah’s third book, The Time for Endowment Building is Now: Why and How to Secure Your Organization’s Future, was published by Rowman & Littlefield and has been endorsed by Doug White, expert in endowment development. It joins Deborah’s prior two books, The Donor Lifecycle Map: A Model for Fundraising Success (Charity Channel Press, 2017) and Donor Cultivation and the Donor Lifecycle Map: A New Framework Fundraising (Wiley, 2014) in explaining that fund development can be a very successful enterprise IF the donor is the subject of the effort, i.e. it is donor centered, and ongoing cultivation is the modus operandi of a fundraising department.

While it goes without saying that wealthy donors are important in raising monies in support of charitable organizations, Deborah claims that the primary focus of any effort needs to be on maintaining ongoing giving up to and including the endowment contribution. She proposes using easy to understand language, down to earth approaches and coherent policies in order to not only obtain gifts that are beneficial to the organization but most important, meaningful to the supporter. She argues that now is the time for all not for profit organizations to be focused on raising endowment monies from baby boomers who are predicted to pass on great sums of money over the next decade.

The book can be pre-ordered through Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.

Coaching development staff and working with Boards of Directors and CEOs on fundraising has become an increasingly large part of Deborah’s work. Please give her a call at 860-212-0753 or send a message for more information.

Dr. Polivy has a consistent track record of providing quality services to a range of clientele. Learn more about Deborah Polivy and find out how she can help you take your organization to the next level.